Hospitality Lighting

Versatile & Unique in a Welcoming Atmosphere.

Create a Unique & Memorable Experience for Guests

From the beginning, the hotel and hospitality industry rely on inviting light as a key design element to create a welcome ambiance. Innovative lighting designs may also significantly help to providing your employees with optimal working conditions while lowering energy costs: the potential savings can frequently be as high as 30%. Well-being vs financial pressure: hoteliers and the catering industry are increasingly relying on current LED technology to provide a welcoming and pleasant ambiance for visitors while also decreasing power usage. Our LED lighting solutions, which combine warm, ambient light with a long lifetime and exceptionally low energy costs, may help you create an atmospheric but energy-efficient interior design.

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Areas to Consider


Cut Expenses

  • Reduce energy usage by using LED lights and save even more by using controls.
  • With daylight harvesting, you can manage and minimize your energy use.
  • When areas are not in use, turn off the lighting automatically.

Enhance the Visitor Experience

  • Create inviting, inspirational environments across the hotel.
  • For exceptional events, transform your hotel with dynamic lights.
  • Using bespoke lighting scenarios, you may create moods to define areas.

Meet Your Sustainability Targets

  • Utilize LED lighting solutions to meet environmental goals.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing Circular Economy-ready items.
  • Easily modify the area to boost revenue.

How Interglo Can Help

Your restaurant, motel, or bar’s ambiance is just as important as the cuisine you serve or the customer service you provide. Innovative hotel lighting solutions are required. It must unconsciously concentrate on changing the ordinary into the spectacular. We at Interglo know how to make you seem excellent in front of the camera. Interglo has decades of experience in the lighting sector and can assist you in designing the ideal solution for both internal and external aesthetics. We are happy to work before and after hours to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

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