Hospitality LED Lighting Solutions by Interglo

Interglo is able to continuously offer the ideal solution to its many clients in the hospitality industry by utilising the latest innovative technologies.

Hotels and Restaurant Lighting

Hospitality – indoor and outdoor lighting for hotels, restaurants, bars, wellness facilities, swimming pools, sports facilities and stadiums

A great lighting design brings a restaurant, hotel, or wellness area to life, whether it is accented or uniform, open or intimate, cozily warm or dramatically chilly. Visitors can be guided through the rooms by a combination of space-structuring wall-washing and accent lighting, which also connect the individual room zones. Interglo range of LED luminaires covers the full spectrum of attributes required for hotel and restaurant lighting including soft-start technology, dimming values lower than 1%, and color mixing within the luminaire.


Our Successful Hospitality Projects


We really appreciated the opportunity to do another bar at the MCG in partnership with the team at One68. The project involved a lot of communication between Interglo, the builder, and their sub-contractors to get the supply right. It is always our goal to supply our product to the site ready to install, minimising the amount of work required by the installers. With the amount of custom work in this project, it was a challenge, but we were very pleased with the result. One of the most challenging parts of the project was the feature illuminated shelf over the bar. Apart from the size of the fitting, it had other challenging elements, the main one being manufacturing the fitting to match the curved bar, while adding a tapered skirt to the fitting. The fitting was first modelled in SolidWorks, with shop drawings provided for signoff.

We were very happy with the finished result. Another featured element in the project was the oversized conical shade over the round tables. At 700mm dia we had to work through a number of options for manufacture given that tooling for a conical spinning that size was not available, and it proved impossible to roll the shape in that size. Despite the challenges, we produced an excellent fitting within the required timeframe. At Interglo, joinery LED has always been part of our DNA. It doesn’t matter if it is curved or straight; inside or out.  We always can find a product that suits the purpose. The stone bar and shelving look amazing. The 2700K LED brings out the natural warmth in the stone of the bar and the timber panelling. The suspended timber grid ceiling also came up looking great with the LED recessed into the ceiling beams.  A fantastic space to have a meal and drink next time you are at the MCG.

Lanes Edge

The newest hangout to hit one of Melbourne’s bustling laneway precincts is the newly revamped Lane’s Edge Wine Bar, an entrancing venue that defines ‘cool.’ Combining the rustic elements of its quaint history with sleek and modern styling, Lane’s Edge provides an alluring atmosphere from its prominent Bourke Street ingress to the glowing rooftops of the Melbourne city skyline in the open-air courtyard.

We enjoyed the opportunity to work with One68 in a D&C capacity on this project. Our aim was to keep the space warm and intimate, bringing out the natural textures in the timber, and exposed brick finishes. It is always important to light up the merchandise properly! We used our GEO S1708 profile with a 350LED per meter 2700K LED strip to illuminate the bar shelves with perfectly even illumination. All are dimmable to allow for the mood to be set.

Industry Beans

Working with the Design Office and RAMVEK, Interglo Lighting designed and supplied the lighting for this Cafe Fitout in Brisbane. The project involved a cafe, training rooms, and offices. A feature of the project was custom uplighting from the 3 Circuit Suspended Track and the Round 24 Profiles.

Some of the products used in this project were:

  • LT1248 15W Track Spots
  • LS1029 Surface Mounted Downlights
  • GEO P60D Suspended Profiles