LED Office Lighting

We can offer high-quality and fit-for-purpose lighting solutions that are precisely in accordance with the architecture and the users’ requirements thanks to our extensive knowledge and competence in office premises.

LED Office Lighting Fixtures

LED luminaires from Interglo are available in recessed, surface mounted, and suspended configurations to provide excellent illumination while maximizing energy economy in office buildings.

Our high-quality office lighting fixtures may assist improve workplace aesthetics, boost productivity, and decrease stress. LED downlights, LED panel lights, linear extrusions with LED strips, LED track lights, and more office lighting options are available.

The vast selection of creative office lighting is intended to fulfill the needs of a wide range of applications, including open-plan offices, conference rooms, hallways, and sanitary areas.

Why do workplaces require excellent lighting?

Choosing the correct lighting for an office space influences working conditions, productivity, and overall aesthetics. Employees will perform better in a healthy, well-lit work environment designed particularly for practical application. The overall appearance of the lighting scheme and the impression it generates for visitors to your property must also be considered. LED World can assist you with your workplace lighting system by providing suggestions and recommendations on legal requirements, wattage, open design, and dimming office lights. Please get in touch with us with your needs checklist so that we can give suggestions and produce a specification for a scheme and control system.


Why LED lighting is the future of office lighting.

LED lighting is becoming more popular due to its extended lifespan, energy efficiency, and low cost. These low-maintenance, low-heat lights are environmentally sustainable, feature a high lumen output and even light distribution, and can be combined with digital dimming systems. LED lighting also enables customizable light settings for different work environments, resulting in the best lighting experience possible.

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There is no such thing as a traditional office space. They differ in terms of ceiling height, building method, materials, and layout. Some office rooms feature suspended ceilings, or the ceiling material influences the fittings used for the ceiling type. A customized blend of surface and suspension-mounted light fixtures will often guarantee that your area has enough illumination to complete critical activities while also meeting architectural requirements and applicable regulations.

Suspension Mounted

Suspended light fixtures complement a modern open-plan design in places with high ceilings. Suspended lighting’s architectural design bridges the gap between form and function. The fittings at desk areas may be lowered closer to the tabletop, giving focused light for staff to do their tasks. These lights provide a contemporary appearance and may increase overall labor performance and morale.

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Recess Mounted

Recessed installation is a terrific option to produce effective lighting in your workplace, depending on the height of the ceiling and the kind of fitting. Recessed installation is convenient, provides uniform lighting, and does not detract from the total workstation.

Why should you collaborate with Interglo?

At Interglo, we are committed to assisting you in creating energy-efficient office buildings by replacing traditional lighting with LED office lighting. With our lighting and energy-saving skills, we seek to change your workplace through rigorous lighting audits, lengthy planning, and flawless implementation.