Interglo was asked to evaluate the lighting package for the Founders Bar at the MCG to assist our customer, One68, in dealing with two challenges; price and lead-time.

The lighting design needed to fall within the allocated budget while achieving the desired look, and there was a very tight timeframe as the bar needed to be open for the start of the AFL football season, which was only seven weeks away.

We were asked to identify potential cost savings in the lighting design and to assist with finding a solution for the feature track lighting for the bar that could be supplied in time.

The existing specification called for DALI  track, and track fittings. The environment was DALI controlled, but we investigated with the client whether they required individual control for each track fitting or if control of each track as a group would meet their requirements. It was decided that this would be suitable, so we were
able to move away from DALI track and track fittings. 

We respecified using our LT1249 track spot which is Phase Cut dimmable. Coupled with Diginet DALI Adaptive Phase Angle Dimming Devices, this meant that individual tracks could still be dimmed and switched using the existing DALI system.

From there, the lead time issue was far more manageable. The track solution needed to be up/down. We manufacture LED profiles in our Melbourne based factory and had stock of our GEO PS6090 Up/Down Profile. We were able to mount 3 Circuit Recessed Track in the bottom of the profile, with Galaxy Flex high output LED tape providing the up/lighting. This was completed in time for installation and commissioning.

We were able to deliver for our client on all fronts, meeting the price, timing and specification requirements. The project was a great success, completed on budget and in time for the opening game of the season between Richmond and Carlton