This suite at 189 Flinders Lane was designed with a New York City scheme in mind

We used our GEO PS6090 profile in the open plan work station areas. This profile is the “work horse” for our commercial office spaces. It is made to custom lengths to suit the required layout, and is manufactured locally using drivers and LED Boards from Tridonic.

GEO PS6090 Profile at 189 Flinders Lane

In the kitchen breakout space, we used our GEO S1708 profile and Galaxy Pro 2110 350 LED’s/m LED to light up the underside of the shelving. We aslo backlit the round mirrors to give a halo effect. Throughout the rest of the breakout space, we use the LT1267 Track Spot on suspended track to give a contrast to the Linear profiles used in the rest of the tenancy.

189 Flinders NYC Shelving LED
189 Flinders NYC Mirror LED
189 Flinders NYC Kitchen

The reception and circulation spaces were illuminated using the GEO P60D profile. With its round diffuser, this fitting gives a very flat, even light and can be used to highlight an exposed ceiling, as seen in this tenancy.
189 Flinders NYC GEO P60D