Design and construct project for a floor at Melbourne Central with exposed ceilings throughout.

Custom illuminated suspended planters. Rather than use additional fittings, we decided to use the planters as a light source you keep the ceiling more simple

The meeting room pendants were make from pieces of solid Tasmanian Oak

The building had some interesting angles leading to some of the desks not being perpendicular to the walls. It gave us a good opportunity to have a play with some angles, and add some interest to the suspended profile

The board room ceiling feature gave us the opportunity to test out our paint shop, finishing the GEO 3537 profile in a distressed copper finish that was sympathetic to the recycled timber beams.

We like different colours. Matching the profile in the collaboration space to the yellow of the walls, and the Up/Down lighting under the blue pipe feature enabled up to reenforce the interior designers intent.