The hero of this tenancy is definitely the custom blue mesh ceiling. The challenge was to light up the space without suspending from, fixing to, or recessing into the mesh tiles. We provided a number of prototypes to the builder, eventually settling on the GEO 4937 recessed profile.

In the boardroom we used the GEO 4937 recessed profile to maintain a sense of space. Coupled with the DL1785 recessed downlight, this gave a functional light level, with very unobtrusive light sources.

We used  900mm diameter fittings from out Circle Range in the meeting rooms. With sizes ranging from 450mm to 7 meters in diameter, these fittings can be a spectacular addition to any space.

These booths were illuminated by recessing GEO 4937 profile above the tables, and a Circa wall light to highlight the textured wall paneling.

The lighting under the overhead joinery is provided by the GEO 1708 profile and Galaxy Pro LED Strip. This combination of LED and Profile enables us to achieve a completely uniform light source due to the LED tape having 350LEDs per meter. We can even cut the LED every 20mm so there are no dark spots at either end. All of this in a profile that is only 8mm deep. While this can not be seen, it is of great advantage to the joinery maker as it can be rebated into a 16mm MDF panel, without the need for additional panels, or thicker material.