It’s always fun to work with the design team at Topic Interiors, especially when they come to us with Multi tenancy fit-outs that are all themed. Coming up with lighting to assist in giving a different feel to each tenancy is a challenge, but it is always worth it.

The tenancies on Level 7 at 530 Collins St came at an extremely challenging time. We started working on the budget concepts in October, with the final design finalized in December. We were planning on a mixture of local, and overseas supply, but on return from the Christmas break, China was in lock down, and little were we to know that we to, would soon be.

We were able to pivot, and manufacture the lighting, particularly for the Nickel tenancy in our factory, thus alleviating any delays in the lighting supply due to the breakdown in global supply chains. We are very grateful that we have maintained a local manufacturing capability, rather than just relying on importing finished product.

The Black Diamond suite was fairly straight forward. They were keeping the ceiling, and the base build troffers, so we supplied lighting for the Kitchen/Breakout, and meeting room spaces. We used suspended track, and track spots LT1248 The Linear Profiles in the Board Room and Meeting Rooms was the GEO PS5075

The Zinc Suite again used the base building lighting for the open plan work area, but we were able to get creative with the co-lab space. We used the GEO PS60D round profile, in order to accent the exposed ceiling. We also used the LC4060 curved profile from our Shapes range This profile was curved to mirror the high work bench and the shape of the suspended planter over the table., and had up/down illumination to give both task lighting, and highlight the feature painted ceiling, and the plants. The feature grid ceiling in the reception area needed some special treatment, which was provided by the LS1029 Surface Mounted Downlight Small, punchy and adjustable, this fitting is ideal for those areas where recessed down lights can be a challenge.

The Iron Ore Tenancy needed a similar treatment to the Black Diamond tenancy, with track  in the exposed ceiling areas, and recessed down lights in the meeting, and board rooms. We did get to use one of our Circle fittings at 900mm diameter. These are always great when the meeting room has curved walls, and a round table.

Tenancy 5, the Nickel tenancy, was where we got to have some fun. They decided to leave the ceiling exposed throughout, so there was the opportunity to use the GEO PS5075 suspended profile in the open plan work space. The layout of the tenancy left some interesting angles to work with, so we built the profiles with angled joins, to make an interesting pattern sympathetic to the layout of the tenancy.

The co-lb booths (the mine) cam up looking great. The designers wanted to disrupt as little as possible, the lines of the boards used to make the barrels, so we used our smallest profile, the GEO PS0809 recessed between the boards. While tiny in size, at only 8mm wide, this still packs enough punch to make these booth seats a useful workspace.