Retail Lighting

Solutions to suit your unique retail environment. Interglo’s shop lights series is a cost-effective communication tool to build retailer’s brand identities and create an inviting atmosphere.

Enhance your Retail Space with Premium shop Lighting Solutions

Retail lighting is most successful when items are displayed in an appealing manner, appropriate lighting is provided for signs, and a welcoming environment is created for the customer. The environment should be lighted in such a way that the consumer can judge the quality, colour, and usability of the items. In general, a variety of lighting sources will be used to showcase distinct outstanding goods or best-sellers in the showroom area.

In this approach, feature lighting may direct customers to popular things they might be interested in. A well-designed lighting scheme may affect consumer behaviour and perceptions that lead to a sale, from the moment a customer views a front window display tempting them to enter the business to their final purchase at the checkout.

Areas to Consider

Window Lighting

Proper lighting that draws attention to signage, merchandise, or distinctive displays is a huge advantage for a retail business’s storefront window, which is frequently the first chance for a retail shop to attract a consumer. These portions of the business must be both visually appealing and informative in order to tell potential clients about the types of things they may anticipate when they go in. Spotlights, track lighting, and pendant lights may be utilized to create almost any desired show.

Fitting Room Lighting

Fitting rooms are where customers judge whether a piece of clothing fits them, therefore lighting that creates a favorable image can result in a more positive experience. Because there are frequently a variety of mirrors that already reflect a lot of light, low glare lights are best employed in these tiny rooms. Because it minimizes ugly shadows, frontal lighting is the most pleasing, although overhead lighting may also be employed well. The colors of the goods should be correctly represented by the lighting.

Product Display Lighting

The attraction of items in stores is influenced by product display lighting. You will notice that some things are featured from the time you enter a store, whether it is a certain range or product line. There are several display layouts, each of which may be lighted differently to provide the optimum results. It is also crucial for the consumer that the lighting has outstanding color rendering so that the item’s color and quality can be perceived correctly.

Why Choose Interglo for your Retail Lighting Needs?

Our adaptable shop lights are powerful! Your exhibited items will stand out and look beautiful with our bright and concentrated lighting, drawing more people to your shop area. We have the right lighting solutions for shopping malls, vast spaces with high ceilings, track lights for store displays, and linear pendant lighting for businesses.

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