Complete Commercial Lighting Solutions All Over Australia


Commercial lighting

Commercial lighting requires a sound understanding of lighting design, BCA, and AS1680 compliance. It also needed robust, high-performance light fittings with longer lifetimes and higher performance levels. We understand this at Inerglo, and our team knows how to deliver.

Office Lighting

Office lighting is about the right amount of light in the right space. Open-plan workstations, board rooms, circulation spaces, breakout spaces, and meeting rooms all have different requirements for lighting. We specialise in design and construction office projects.


Retail Lighting

Retail is one of the most exacting lighting environments to work in. Good merchandising is only possible with excellent lighting. Energy efficiency requirements have made retail lighting more of a challenge. Getting the right amount of the right type of light is more critical now than ever. Controlling beam angles, color temperature, and color rendering is vital to achieving a good result.



Classrooms require a well-designed lighting solution to ensure adequate light levels while controlling glare to ensure visual comfort. Interglo can supply all lighting requirements for school projects, including classrooms, exterior amenities, and car parks.



Setting the mood is critical to any hospitality environment. We understand that less is best in most cases in hospitality lighting, and we have a range of low-glare products that deliver lighting very discreetly.



We offer a range of solutions for multi-residential projects. We can assist at any project stage, from product sourcing to custom luminaires. We specialise in value management for this project type and manage tight lead times.