Finding a lighting solution that meets your expectations can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we’re here to help. With our consultation, network capabilities and industry experience, you’re sure to get what you need.

Interglo Lighting works with Architects, Builders, Electrical Contractors, Property Developers and Retailers. Offering a service ranging from lighting design, initial scoping, through to procurement and lighting supply, Interglo can be effective when engaged at any point in the project life cycle. Generally, we find that the earlier we can get involved, the better the result.


Founded in 2012, Interglo Lighting specialises in lighting for Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Multi Residential projects. The Interglo philosophy is based on providing the best possible value for any particular lighting package. This value is not necessarily represented by the lowest price. For every product, in every application, there is a point at which the quality, level of specification, performance, and price of a product meet with the project requirements. Interglo can help identify this point. In our eyes, over specifying a product can be just as costly as under specifying . We put together ranges that have built into them multiple levels of specification, meaning products can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of a project.

In addition to our imported ranges, we also manufacture and assemble locally. This enables us to customise the product to meet the project requirements, and tight time frames.

Interglo takes a multidimensional 3D approach to lighting supply. The three dimensions are Design, Develop and Deliver.


Interglo can undertake complex lighting design projects, ensuring compliance with Australian lighting standards. We produce documentation to support our designs such as that required by shopping centres, and specifying engineers. Our documentation packages can include lux plots, renders, CAD documentation, fitting specifications, and compliance calculations for Part J6 of the BCA. We are also experienced in the design, and manufacture of custom luminaires. Working with an extensive network of fabricators and artisans in Australia and overseas, Interglo can bring bespoke lighting from concept, through to implementation. From concept development, through 3D CAD modelling to prototyping, manufacture and deliver, Interglo can work with the client every step of the way – from concept to completion


We pride ourselves on our ability to develop outstanding products and product ranges that are relevant to today’s market. The lighting landscape in Australia is changing continuously. There are constantly changing requirements for energy efficiency and lighting controls. Project lead times are tightening all of the time and budgetary constraints on projects require flexibility of product. This helps to maintain the integrity of the lighting design, whilst meeting budgetary requirements.

Interglo staff can guide you through this changing landscape.


At Interglo, we are always focussed on the delivery of the project. From the inception of the project, through to completion we are in communication with the key stakeholders to ensure deadlines are met and the information for the project is current. We design with your delivery date in mind. We manufacture on the basis that if the order if not right, the order is not finished.

We are very confident in what we do, and how we do it.

Interglo’s objective is to always maximise value.

We look forward to assisting you and your clients achieve amazing results with your lighting